Open Minds Science Research and Communications

Open Minds started out as OMC.COM decades ago as Open Minds Consulting. Work was done for several entities, story including the National Science Foundation projects utilizing wireless communications for remote sensing and helping with DOD concepts for utilizing wireless in areas very challenging for standard communications.

Open Minds became involved with the National Science Foundation (NSF) projects after another NSF project was underway to report on wireless being used in education and reported on a project just completed by Open Minds at the Air Force Academy School District which spanned from the Air Force Academy to over 100 square miles to the east, all covered with High Speed Wireless Internet. This project saved the recurring costs of telecom T1 lines and came in at nearly half of the cost proposed by the large telecom industries – all of which proposed much higher upfront and very high recurring costs.

Today, nearly a decade and a half later, Open Minds continues to help industry and science in many technological areas, including continuing support for the National Science Foundation on wireless projects, helping provide infrastructure to promote remote sensing and control world wide, alleviating the human effort to provide necessary maintenance of sensing sites and increasing the ability to cover more scientific research with fewer people.

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